Size guide - Rings

Ring Size Guide

There are two simple methods to determine your optimal ring size.

  1. Measure an existing ring: If you have an existing ring that fits well on the same finger where you intend to wear your new ring, you can use it as a reference. Measure the inner diameter in millimeters from edge to edge of the ring and compare it with our size chart below. Please check the inside of your ring as the size is sometimes stamped there.

  2. Measure the circumference of your finger: Use a piece of string or thread and measure the circumference around your finger. Ensure that the string fits comfortably around the finger, neither too tight nor too loose. Cut the string where the ends meet and measure the length in millimeters using a ruler. Then compare the result with our size chart below. To ensure the ring is comfortable to wear, round up the result you get to the nearest size.

    NOTE! It is important to consider that a wide ring may feel smaller on the finger, so you may need a size larger.

Size Chart

Inner diameter in mm Circumference in mm Icône size
16 mm 50.2 mm 16
17 mm 53.4 mm 17
18 mm 56.5 mm 18
19 mm 59.6 mm 19
20 mm 62.8 mm 20
21 mm 65.9 mm 21
22 mm 69.1 mm 22
23 mm 72.2 mm 23

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